William Rosetti of San Francisco CA Discusses the JHC Legacy Event and What It Means for Oakland Leaders

William Rosetti

November 4, 2020

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA discusses receiving the JHC Legacy Event award and what the award means for Oakland’s top business leaders.

┬áThe city of Oakland, Calif., is home to some of the country’s most esteemed civic and business leaders. The annual JHC Legacy Event is Oakland’s biggest salute to those who have led and transformed this city into what it is today. William Rosetti of San Francisco CA was a Legacy Event 2018 award recipient, and he recently discussed the event itself as well as what this honor means for him and other leaders around the region.

The 2019 Legacy Event was organized by the Jobs and Housing Coalition as well as a multitude of additional sponsors, including Flynn Investments, Insight Terminal Solutions, Kaiser Permanente, and more. Just three of the hundreds of trailblazing civic and business leaders throughout the area are chosen to receive the Legacy Event award each year.

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA is the CEO of J&R Associates as well as a co-founder of the Jobs and Housing Coalition. He has spent much of his career renovating and improving residential and commercial properties in Oakland and surrounding areas. In addition to improving these properties, William Rosetti of San Francisco CA has made it his mission to ensure affordable housing is available to Oakland residents in need.

William Rosetti San Francisco CAAdditionally, William Rosetti of San Francisco CA serves on a number of boards and foundations with the goal of lifting up the communities in which he operates his businesses. These boards include the Board of Enterprise for Youth, the Youth Tennis Association, the Board of Populace, and the Bank of San Francisco.

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA explained that he was unbelievably honored to be an award recipient at the Legacy Event 2018. This award not only recognized the work he has done to help marginalized communities across the Bay Area, but it served as a reminder that his work is far from done. A number of the properties he currently has under development are designed to include affordable on-site components.

The job of creating affordable housing across the Oakland area is one from which William Rosetti of San Francisco CA believes he will never retire. Receiving the Legacy Event award in 2018 just served as even more inspiration.

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA stated that the JHC Legacy Event award encourages civic and business leaders across the region to strive to make the community a better place at all times. More than 800 guests are on-site at the Oakland Museum of California when the awards are given, providing inspiration to those in attendance and far beyond.

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA looks forward to future JHC Legacy Events as well as the bright future of the city of Oakland.