William Rosetti Explains How a Community Can Help Underserved Kids

William Rosetti

January 16, 2021

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA Provides Ways for Communities to Serve the Underserved in Unique Ways


Each and every day, kids are underserved within their communities. This is due to family economic hardship, childcare and early education programs, and even a lack of funding. Communities have the ability to step up. There are leaders within every community capable of making a difference. William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA is one of those leaders, and he offers ways for anyone in a community to help with the underserved.


William Rosetti of San Francisco CA has spent a significant amount of his career working with the underserved and the underprivileged. He co-founded the Jobs and Housing Coalition that has a mission to “create better jobs, quality housing, great retail, and new commerce” so that San Francisco is a better place to live. William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA has also encouraged other executives to step up and do better for those living in the community.


According to Sheila Smith, the director of early childhood at NCCP, “Across the states, large numbers of low-income children who could get on a path to school success by attending a high-quality preschool program are denied this opportunity.” As a result, communities are expected to pick up the gaps. This is done through community centers as well as programs created by members within the community.


It’s important to identify the problems of a city, William Rosetti of San Francisco CA explains. Once the problems are highlighted, it’s about finding others who are equally as passionate to provide solutions. Nonprofits and organizations are created to do things and take action.


William Rosetti of San Francisco CA (2)

William Rosetti of San Francisco CA believes in getting involved. He sits on various boards. He talks about creating ways to fix the problems within his community. When he hears that there are children who are underserved, he gets involved to see how he can help.


William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA has been helping families by turning many properties into affordable housing throughout East San Francisco. It’s a way to ensure that families have more money to spend on their children’s future rather than working two jobs just to pay rent.


It’s not just about getting involved and volunteering time, William Rosetti of San Francisco CA explains. It’s also about helping the underserved kids have something to do with their free time. When kids are engaged, they’re less likely to be on the streets causing trouble. It’s one of the reasons why William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA sits on the board of the Youth Tennis Advantage. It provides kids with tennis lessons along with a program that helps with academics and life skills.


Youth Tennis Advantage has been able to help inner-city communities by ensuring the youth are better prepared and empowered for the future.


William Rosetti of San Francisco CA encourages every leader in a community to seek out a way to help the underserved. Donate time, skills, or create a way to engage those in need of help.