About Me

William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado with an Aeronautical Engineering Degree and a Minor in Business. After graduation, William Rosetti joined the United States Air Force and served 9 years, including one year in Vietnam as an advisor to the Vietnamese Air force and a Forward Air Controller. After the Air Force, William Rosetti flew for Pan American World Airways out of San Francisco.

William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA was one of the founders and the first president of the Coalition for Better Housing, an organization of major residential housing owners and other organizations in San Francisco. In 2005, as he watched what Jerry Brown was doing to transform Oakland, William made the decision to move his residential operations to Oakland. He immediately became one of the major residential rental property owners in Oakland.

William Rosetti of San Francisco, CA also started CRC development company to renovate and improve commercial and residential properties in Oakland. These developments include a 25 unit building and projects of more than 130 units that are currently under development that will have an affordable onsite component.


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